Hello, my lovelies. I'm pleased to announce that the next scene in Success!, Act I, Scene 5 is live! When we last saw Nicholas and Amanda they had agreed to work together to put on a show of Gregory's posthumous work. Timothy even agreed to write a glowing review to get people in the door. Now, there's a big party going down at Amanda's gallery! Check out what happens for yourself.

A significant moment occurred when I was drawing this scene. Page 149 was the first page I sketched when I conceived of a comic version of Success!. Check out the blog post from April 24th, 2014, where you can see one of the first pen-and-paper sketches I made of page 149 (of course, I didn't know it was going to be page 149 then.) Here is another version of the sketch, made with a BAMBOO drawing tablet:


And now, six years later, I finally got to draw the finished page. It was a nice feeling to have come full circle. I want to thank all of my wonderful patrons for their support. As a token of gratitude, I drew them into the party scene. See if you can spot them!

If you'd like to be drawn into the comic, or if you'd like to receive other rewards, like success merchandise, participation in a monthly drawing, etc., feel free to make a donation or visit my Patreon page to become a patron. It's your support that makes Success! possible and I can't thank you enough.

The next scene, Scene 6, will be a short one. It's all dialog, so I don't anticipate it will take very long to complete. You'll be hearing from me definitely way ahead of the bi-monthly deadline.

In the meantime, I'm so glad you're here with me. Enjoy!