It's that Time Again! July!

Whew! Just in time for July 4th, and Bastille Day, I cranked out another chapter, and, boy, did I just barely meet the deadline! This chapter was particularly hard work. All those solid black spaces! All that shading! I don't know how my wrist and hand survived all that cross-hatching. Anyway, here it is, the latest scene in Success! 

I know you must be thinking, "But, Michael, where is the music?" Well, these past few short scenes didn't have any music. The next scene, though...boy-o boy-o boy, will you ever get some music in the next scene, when Gregory and Nora check out Gregory's paintings on display, and people, droves of people, are actually there to look at them! Gregory's really going to break into song. It's going to be exciting.

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Speaking of which, since last month's drawing didn't happen, (for which I sincerely apologize), this July, I'm going send one lucky patron two comics! 

By the way, if the tone of this blog post seems a bit more chipper than usual, it's because I just sat through a pirated version of Book of Mormon. (Looks like I'm going to have the Spooky Mormon Hell Dream tonight.) No sleep for the wicked!

Hope you enjoy Scene 7. See you in a couple of months!