A Day Late But Not a Dollar Short

Hello, dear readers. It was exactly 8 weeks yesterday that the previous scene in Success! hit the Global Interweb, and now, I hope you will feast your eyes on the latest scene, which hit the Net five minutes ago.

After behaving like a bond villain the entire play, Nicholas’s chickens have come home, and they are a roosting’. No longer the schmoozer he fancies himself to be, Nicholas is falling further and further apart as Timothy and Charles’s gallery giant popularity, Amanda sees through his ruse, and his demons come back to haunt him. It’s a sad state of affairs. I wonder what’s going to happen to him?

Will Nicholas atone for his sins? Will Gregory’s opening in New York as Jair Newman make a splash? Find out in the beginning of November, dear reader, when the next scene makes it onto the Ubiquitous World Computer Network. Until then, happy reading!

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See you in a couple of months!