How Hard Can It Be...

…to work daily on a webcomic? Pretty hard, my friends. Pretty hard. That’s why I’m so glad you’re here with me on this journey. Here we are, only about a month after my last blurb, and we have another scene from Success!

I’m excited to share this little scene with you. Nicholas is starting to overreach in his arrogance. His recent wave of success seems to be going to his head. There is a cynicism in his implied theory that art doesn’t take any skill or talent. His nihilism and his arrogance are starting to show. I think by the end of the scene, Amanda senses it. Time will tell if Nicholas’s new scheme will work. And what about the murder he committed? Is anything going to come of that? Stay tuned, my friends.

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See you in a couple of months (if not sooner!) for Act 2, Scene 3!