A Midsummer Night's Upload

That’s right, my friends, the next chapter is live!

With the help of Nora, Gregory secures another show as Jair Newman. Timothy and Charles plan a gallery opening right across the street from Amanda’s gallery so they can funnel audiences away from Nicholas’s exhibit of Gregory’s old work, which, as we’ll see in the next installment, will turn out just to be Nicholas’s fakes. The plot is certainly thickening, my friends. I do hope you’re enjoying what you’re reading.

Incidentally, this song, “My New York Is You”, is one of the first “standards” I wrote way back in 2001, when I began work on the Ideal Home Music Library, Vol. 1. I wrote the song “My New York” with my old friend Jenny Deller, and actress/ filmmaker whom I was dating at the time. She and I wrote the song in a dark room in her parent’s house in Carbondale, Illinois in the spring of 2000, I believe.

This version of the song differs slightly from the original version, which appears on the HUSH Records compilation FLAG and on my second album. For Success!, I changed the couplet rhyme scheme from straight rhymes to slant rhymes, and turned the song into a duet. I also added the “New York, New York has everything…” verse.

But, in spite of the fact that this version of “My New York Is You” has changed, I still want to dedicate it to Jenny Deller, wherever she may be. If you do a search for the independent film Future Weather, you should be able to find her amazing filmmaking and acting work. Wherever Jenny is, I wish her success.

I also wish you Success! In fact, production has already begun on the next installment. Nicholas is continuing to crack up as he learns that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Look forward to that scene in September.

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Until then, happy reading!