Support Success!

I have great news! If you're enjoying reading Success! as much as I'm enjoying creating it, you now have a chance to participate in making Success! a reality by pledging your financial support.

Drawing Success! is a blast, but it's also costly. The costs of hosting the comic, plus updating my software and hardware as technology changes, takes its toll. I'm so glad to have you as one of my readers, and I hope, if you're enjoying the comic, you'll take the next step and consider becoming a patron.

To that end, I've set up a Patreon page. Patreon is a web service that connects artists with fans who might want to become patrons and support their work. You can pledge monthly support for Success! at whatever level you feel comfortable, staring at just $1 a month. 

In exchange for your generous pledge, I'll heap rewards upon you. You'll receive access to a patron-only feed where I'll post goodies. In addition, you'll get early content, behind-the-scenes videos, hand-drawn cards, participation in a monthly drawing, and more. I even offer a trip to the Centre George Pompidou museum on me if you happen to be in the vicinity of Paris, France! Click the button below if you're interested in becoming a patron of Success!


That's all for now. I'm hard at work on the next scene. See you at the next upload!