New Year, New Chapter

Just in time for the New Year, I have a new scene for you! In this scene, on the evening of Gregory's "funeral", Nicholas goes to the wealthy gallerist Amanda and uses a bit of flattery (not to mention a bit of guilt) to get her to show Gregory's works at her gallery, which is the most sought-after in town. 

This scene was not hard to illustrate, but I did some experimenting with the backgrounds. For the sky and the cityscape in the window, I used a different brush to make everything look whispy and gloomy.

To draw the characters quickly, I kept the costumes simple. The challenge came with the perspective in the apartment, with its great curved windows. I had a good time working with drawing perspective in this chapter.

I hit a technical snag with the audio track, though. I had to re-record it because the version I had previously recorded had all of the vocal lines happening at once, which was confusing. This version of the song was the result of a table reading I did in 2015. The vocal lines have been spread out so they can be more clearly heard.

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