I Will Draw You Into the Comic

Hello, friends,

The next chapter of Success! that is, Act 1, scene 4, goes live this Wednesday, February 28th. I'm excited to share with you Gregory's new group of friends.

The following scene, Act 1, scene 5, begins "production" during the first week of March. As such, I have a special offer for you!

If you go to www.patreon.com/successcomic and make a monthly pledge of $10 or more, or if you make a one-time donation here, via the donations page, I will DRAW YOU INTO THE COMIC. 

That's right, the next scene takes place during a huge gallery opening, with lots of art patrons and waitstaff flitting about. I would LOVE to cast you in the scene. Just make a donation and send me a pic of your likeness. It's that simple.

I hope you'll want to become a part of Gregory and Nicholas's story. For now, see you Wednesday, February 28th when the next scene in Success! goes live!